After a careful observation of all documentary evidence presented before it, the NFF Disciplinary Board hereby rules as follows;

  1. The NFF Disciplinary Board wishes to state clearly that adequate invitation notice was served to GIWA FC requesting that they forward their written submission to the secretariat of the NFF Disciplinary Board and also appear before the Board on 25th April, 2016 by 10:00am. This invitation was not honoured by GIWA FC
  2. That the NFF Disciplinary Board hereby adopts all sanctions earlier pronounced by the LMC which the NFF Disciplinary Board after careful observation noted, are in in line with the Rules and Regulations Guiding the activities of the LMC.
  3. That the NFF Disciplinary Board also added additional sanctions to GIWA FC for further violating sections of the FIFA Code of Ethics, FIFA Disciplinary Code and the LMC Rules and Regulations.
  4. That the following decisions of the NFF Disciplinary Board are to be applied to its letter by the LMC and the NFF:

Decision of the NFF Disciplinary Board

1. A fine of N5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira only) for the discontinuation of the match;

2. The match shall be continued behind closed doors at the National Stadium, Abuja on Wednesday, 27th April, 2016, from the point of disruption (i.e. from the 74th minute) and the result of the match at the point of disruption shall stand (i.e. 0-1);

3. Due to the disturbances as stated in paragraph 2 above, Giwa FC is banned from the Rwang Pam Stadium, Jos for its next three home matches, which shall be played at the Ilorin Township Stadium, Ilorin, Kwara State;

4. In addition, due to the persistent nature of such disturbances by supporters of Giwa FC in the match under review, Giwa FC shall play its remaining home matches behind closed doors and supporters of the Club are banned from all League match venues for the remainder of the season; provided that the LMC reserves the right to lift the ban at any time on the condition of receipt of firm and satisfactory assurance and commitment (including training and orientation seminar for supporters of the


Club under the supervision of the LMC) guaranteeing the responsible behaviour and orderly conduct of supporters of the Club;

5. A fine of N500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira only) for failure to ensure adequate security;

6. A fine of N750,000.00 (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) for failure to control their players and officials;

7. A fine N500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira only) – being N250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) each – for assault on the Referee and the Match Commissioner;

8. Giwa FC is required to ensure, within the next seven days, that in addition to the apprehension of one Sodiq Goje, his co-culprit identified as one Mustapha Apiya is also apprehended and prosecuted by the relevant security agencies, for assaulting the Referee, failure of which a fine of N25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira only) per day shall accrue, until such time the offender is apprehended and charged to court;

9. For acts and conduct capable of bringing the game to disrepute, a suspended two-point deduction is imposed on Giwa FC, subject to any subsequent incidents of disturbances by supporters of the Club in breach of the League Rules for the remainder of the season.

10. On the actions of Mr. Yakubu Daylup (administrator of the Club) and Mr. David King (the media officer of the team) as recorded by the match officials wherein it was clearly stated that they were both seen inciting the spectators to attack the match officials. This act is a breach of Art. 53 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code hence; both officials of the club are hereby suspended from all football related activities for a period of twelve (12) months. Upon expiration of twelve months they are to write an official letter to be of good conduct and submit same to the NFF before they can be allowed to participate in any football related activity.

11. The NFF Disciplinary Board further noted that for failure to cooperate with the Disciplinary Board which is a breach of Art. 42.1 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, Giwa FC is hereby further fined the sum of N500,000 which is to be paid to the NFF as procedural cost for the NFF Disciplinary Board this decision is in line with Art. 59.1 of FIFA Code of Ethics.

12. The NFF Disciplinary Board recognises the right of appeal by Giwa FC which should be lodged within 48hrs from the receipt of this verdict.


13. Finally the NFF Disciplinary Board will like to appreciate the Plateau State Football Association and the Plateau Special Task Force for their quick intervention in ensuring that the match officials were safely conveyed back to their hotel from the stadium.

The Meeting was attended by the following persons

Prof. Olufemi Adegbesan (Vice- Chairman), Adamu Sani Osmond, Esq (Member), Chike Onyeacho, Esq (Member), Kelvin Omuojine, Esq (Member) and Dr. Christian Emeruwa, Ph.D, F.I.S.M (Secretary)

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