Chairman of the NFF Technical and Development Committee, Chief Felix Anyansi Agwu has condemned a report in a national daily titled ‘NFF board member faces impeachment’, published on Friday, July 10, 2015.
The report claimed that four out of 13 Board Members of the Nigeria Football Federation have secretly commenced plans to impeach Chief Anyansi-Agwu and that one ex-Board Member is also involved in this ‘plot’. The writer went ahead, in her fertile imagination, to claim that Anyansi-Agwu spoke to her source from London, assuring this unnamed source that he was on top of the situation.
But in an interview, Anyansi-Agwu, who is also chairman of Enyimba FC, strongly condemned the report, calling it false and shameful. He said: “It is regretful and shameful but also revealing that the writer has no understanding of the structure of the NFF, hence her spurious claim that board members are plotting to impeach another board member. 
“For the record, my position as Chairman of Technical and Development Committee, according to the NFF guidelines, is a rotational position where one serves for 2 years. There’s no truth whatsoever in the claims of the writer. She, or those she’s working for, are trying to send a wrong message to the public by making these false allegations,” Anyansi-Agwu stated.
He further added: “There is unity in the Executive Committee of the NFF and I am united and will remain united with the rest of my colleagues. I have always been a team player and have had no problems with anyone, let alone the past President of the Federation who endorsed me during the elections. I have been a part of the efforts of the board to move Nigerian football forward and will remain committed to this principle.
“I did not speak to anyone regarding problems within the NFF Executive Committee, and have not even been to London in the past four years, contrary to what the writer and her source want the public to believe. My priority and the priority of the NFF Executive Committee, is to develop our Nigeria football, and that is what we remain committed to doing.
“These false claims are simply the imagination of the writer or people trying to mislead the public for their own selfish interests,” Anyansi-Agwu concluded.

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