The League Management Company (LMC) has approved a shirt sponsorship deal between Sharks FC of Port Harcourt and Eunisell Limited in line with provisions of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Rules and Framework.
Salihu Abubakar, the LMC Chief Operating Officer conveyed the approval in a letter to Sharks in which he congratulated the club for securing the deal and also complying with regulation which provides that all external commercial relationships of clubs must be vetted and approved by the LMC before signing.
Abubakar reminded other clubs that it is a breach of the rules to wear shirts with unauthorized endorsements and advised any club that is yet to have the approval of LMC to desist from further wearing of such shirts. He also reminded clubs that pitch panel displays must be approved by the LMC and their deployment for match day branding are to be handled by the LMC approved agency or any such persons authorized by it.
“There are regulations guiding commercial relationships which prescribes the processes to ensure that existing rights are not violated. While we congratulate Sharks for their good fortune which we hope will grow, it is our expectation that other clubs will set up strong marketing units or engage marketing agencies to expand their revenue generating capacities,” remarked Abubakar.
The LMC assured the clubs that it will at all times protect their interests in evaluating sponsorship deals for approval.

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